Our Vision

Ed Jones has challenged us this Spring (2016) that as disciples of Jesus Christ may we:

  • seek greater DEPTH in our relationship with Him, personally and together as His family
  • be DARING as we step out into all God calls us to, whatever the cost
  • always look for DEVELOPMENT in the where, how and to whom we seek to share the gospel-
  • crave a heart of DESPERATION for the King and His power, above all else

Our primary responsibility remains as outlined in our 20/20 Vision document – we will share the gospel on a regular basis with the inhabitants of Battle and surrounding rural communities, and to see people coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, added to His Church and equipped to become faithful witnessing Christians.
Until 2020, we continue to adhere to the BAYEUX principles enabling Church members to:

  • Be in contact and have some spiritual involvement with 1000 people each week.
  • Pursue their personal walk with God
  • Be fruitful in seeing God’s purposes worked out in 1066 country
  • Develop our organization, resources and structures to meet our overall mission.
  • Have a significant majority of Church Members living in Battle and surrounding rural communities.
  • Be taking the gospel to, and working in, areas where there is no apparent evangelical witness.

Bayeux Principles


We aim to be a growing community where members share a common experience of faith in Christ and baptism into the church. Believing and belonging are important to our understanding of God’s purposes for local congregations.  Without the wholehearted commitment and active service of its members in every area of church life, any local church would cease to exist. Involved and active Church members are the key to realizing our vision to bring “Life to the Heart of 1066 Country – and beyond”. (Acts 2: 42 – 47)


We are committed to the adoration and worship of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in congregations, small groups and personally. Shared worship is the response of the believer to God’s grace, and equips the believer for mission in the world. We seek to:
Develop worship “in Spirit and in truth” which expresses both reverence and intimacy and which is participative, life changing and giving glory to God;
Be a truly charismatic church in which the gifts, fruits and ministries of the Holy Spirit flourish;
Include the giving of monetary gifts as a meaningful part of our act of worship.


Firstly, we are committed to receiving the renewing power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), and we are prepared to make necessary changes in programme and style to remain fresh and relevant to our approach to ministry and worship.
Secondly, we recognise that believers under 18 are also part of God’s church and we will pursue a vigorous policy of evangelism and discipleship of young people.


We are committed to extending God’s Kingdom at home and abroad by equipping and training members; through praying, giving and releasing people, and using other resources; by upgrading our premises in Battle as a base for local mission.


We are committed to growing in an understanding of the Old and New Testaments and to incorporating Biblical principles into daily living (including personal prayer and Bible study, and high standards of personal integrity, honesty and purity).


We are committed to going the extra mile in love and care of one another, and of those to whom God leads us. This applies to every area of life – work, home, family and church.