Our Vision


At the church meeting in October 2018 Ed shared the new vision “strapline” of Being Transformed Together which then was identified by 4 clear values. Click your left mouse button over each of the four value icons below to link to a short video explaining each of these in more detail (they will open in a new tab).


REST as the launchpad for life (Matthew 11:28). We want to develop a different rhythm, a rhythm of rest, which in turn is the launchpad for life.




WELCOME to all just as they are (Luke 14:15-24). We want to offer a welcome to all just as they are, as God welcomes us.





GENEROSITY demonstrating the love of God (2 Corinthians 9:6-8). We want to be a community of people with generosity at our core, demonstrating the love of God through our lives.




COURAGE to follow Jesus wherever He leads (Romans 1:16). We know that Jesus calls us to an adventure that is greater than anything we could ever imagine, and God will give us the courage we need if we’re prepared to follow Jesus wherever He leads.


Over the next few weeks and months we intend to explore these in more detail, identifying with clear logos and making sure there is a simple clarity as we share this with our wider community in and around Battle Baptist Church.