Newsletters published during 2017:

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Rota for congregations: Dec 17

Vision for Children’s work available here >>>>  vision plans 2015_16

Home Groups and Mission Groups 2016/17 2017-leaflet

412 youth paperwork can be downloaded from files on their Facebook page.

Battle Baptist Church Football Club Welcome Leaflet 2017/18 season welcome leaflet 2017

Battle Baptist Church Youth Football Club Welcome Leaflet 2017/18 season youth welcome leaflet 2018

Church Membership Application forms can be downloaded in pdf format here:

Membership applicants letter ~ members app letter

Members visitor letter ~members visiting letter

Owning & Sharing leaflet ~ owning & sharing

Saved to Serve leaflet ~ SAS

Vision summary ~  2020 vision   (or from our main menu select “Church” then Our Vision from the drop down menu)

Church rules and membership leaflet 2013 ~ church rules and membership Leaflet 2013  

Report form for use at interview ~Report form

Battle ss Leaflet14

Memorandum & Articles of the Life with Hope Trust: Memorandum and Articles October 2017

Battle Baptist Church principles & values: Battle Baptist Church principles & values

Volunteers Application / References form bbc vol app form

Child Protection policy & procedures: Safeguarding policy

Vulnerable Adults policy & procedures: Vulnerable adults policy

Health & Safety policy statement: H & Safety Policy statement of intent 2014

Guidelines for group leaders using premises: Guidelines for use of premises 


Caterpillar Pre-School Ofsted Inspection report January 2013 ofsted inspection

A free copy of Lukes Gospel in a bright magazine format can be yours if you go to and click on the “Send me the story of Jesus”.

The History of Battle Baptist Church: A History of Battle Baptist Church

A recent publication “Battle Abbey and Battle Churches since 1066” by Keith Foord contains the varied and sometimes extraordinary stories of all the Churches in Battle, their people and their benefactors from the Battle of Hastings in 1066 up to the middle of 2011. There are substantial accounts of the more recent history of the Baptists in the town.