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More than a conqueror

This week, Alexia Conyers, a beloved member of our church family, went to be with the Lord. Alex hadn’t been with us a very long time, but she was here long enough to touch many of our hearts. Having lived in this area earlier in life, Alex had spent many years in Sweden and was part of the International Church there. When she felt God saying the time had come for her to move, she was prepared to go anywhere. It was therefore somewhat of a surprise to her when God told her to come back here, specifically to Forge Cottage (just along the road from our church) which became home to Alex and her two beloved cats. Upon moving to Battle, Alex started to regularly attend our 10:45am service. In time she became a much loved part of the Tuesday afternoon housegroup and would often attend the Tuesday morning healing prayer group.

Alex had many loves; she loved the Lord, she loved her two children Mark and Kim, she loved being part of the local church. She also loved music: she sang and played guitar despite her physical limitations. Many will remember her playing guitar and singing a song that she wrote when she was welcomed into membership last November. She said at the time that the only way she managed to overcome the almost overwhelming nervousness she felt was by focussing on the fact that she had an audience of One – this was an act of worship to God, and a hugely sacrificial one. The song was only overshadowed by her testimony that she shared, leaving hardly a dry eye in the whole congregation.

None of us will probably ever be able to understand all the challenges that Alex had to face, but her life was a powerful testimony to the grace of God. She was and is more than a conqueror through Christ (Romans 8:37). As we explore 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 this weekend, we are reminded of God’s wisdom revealed in the Cross of Christ; that God’s power and strength was – and still is – made perfect in human fragility and weakness, such is His love for us.

It is through the Cross that the brokenness and pain of this world will be transformed and made into something more beautiful than we can possibly imagine and we will one day, like Alex, enter in to this freedom and glory. But for now, while we rejoice in the fact that Alex is with her Saviour and is delivered from the momentary troubles of this world, we also feel deeply the loss of our sister in Christ and mourn alongside her children. Please continue to pray for Mark and Kim at this difficult time and for her close friends within the church.

Your servant in Christ,


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