Newsletter Article – 13th January 2018

Lights. Camera. Action!

To clarify for those who were part of 10.45am gathering last weekend, the filming taking place, was not as Mark so humorously suggested, part of a documentary entitled, ‘The Life and Times of one Ed Jones’. That was the over-arching title I gave to a series of email updates I sent throughout my time at Bible College, but the less said about them probably the better.
No, the filming that took place on both Sunday and Monday was the reshooting of the four short films that were shown at the October Church meeting, briefly exploring our four values, Rest, Welcome, Generosity and Courage. These will be on our website in due course. We also shot a fifth, ‘Intro’ film that will also that will act as an initial greeting on the church site. The fifth film picks up the vision statement for us as a church, one of ‘Being Transformed Together’. Already the vision is being picked up and real synergy is apparent across many of the ministries of the church in a variety of ways – which is the whole idea obviously.
One such ministry is that of Pastoral Care. One of the ways in which the whole idea of ‘Together’ is expressed, for me is through Pastoral Care. It is about us facing the ups and downs of life, together. Over the last year we’ve been working to build on the great legacy of pastoral care within the church here, enabling it to continue on, effectively doing what it needs to.
This all being the case, I believe there is still quite a bit of work to do in terms of pastoral care and in many ways the one of the most pressing areas is with regards to the perception of it. Pastoral Care is not the Spanish Inquisition checking up on what you are or are not doing. It is not the Secret Police checking why you didn’t attend a particular meeting. It is not the Health Check brigade who only visit those with chronic illness.
Pastoral Care is a vital ministry of the church, seeking to ensure everyone feels welcomed, valued and cared for. Through the Pastoral Care Ministry, we want to be able to respond to the unexpected events that may leave people housebound or hospitalised by providing appropriate support. We want to stand with, to encourage, listen & pray with people at times of difficulty, stress or just the mundane that can leave us feeling low and struggling. We want to simply catch up over cuppa, build relationships, provide opportunity to ask questions or share your thoughts, as we journey through life with Jesus, together.
This is one of many areas of ministry within the church that we are going to be emphasizing in the coming months. Along with producing a flyer to be readably available, we plan to introduce the pastoral care team at our Sunday gatherings. It goes without saying, please feel free to request a visit at any time by either getting in touch with myself, Rita Reading, Carol Noel or contacting the church office.

Be blessed

Ed Jones.