Week of Prayer

Battle Baptist Church is committing to a week of prayer from Monday 25th January to Sunday 31st January, from 9am – 9pm each day.

Click on the link below to book your prayer slot.

This will take you to an online secure diary that is hosted by 24/7 prayer.

Simply click on the hour slot during which you want to pray.

Choose to either create a login or proceed as a guest.

A new box will open.

Fill in your name and email address.

Do not click the option of booking the room exclusively.

If you don’t want your name to appear on the diary, click the option to remain anonymous.

Click the box to confirm you’re happy for 24/7 Prayer to have your details (this just means that we are all complying with GDPR regulations).

Finally click the red box at the bottom to book the slot.

Repeat for as many slots as you would like.

You will get an email confirming your booking, and an email reminding you to pray during the slot(s) you have chosen.

Sign up here

Please find below some resources that you might find helpful in structuring your week of prayer and / or your hourly slot(s):

Prayer week info

Jigsaw Intercessions